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Season Review 2013

The 2014 tennis season is just under a month away but before then it's time to breakdown The Overrule's 2013 season and look ahead to what The Overrule has planned for the new season. The Overrule returned for the 2013 season after a year away, The Overrule was previously found through Priceform for three years before the syndicate was taken over by Bet Advisor. The conditions for how The Overrule would have functioned under the new agreement weren't to my liking as they were not consistent with how The Overrule and its subscribers had been used to hence the absence for the 2012 season.

And so this year The Overrule was reborn on my own terms in the same way that subscribers and readers had been used to under Priceform with the same staking plan and ethos to advise value where we believe to have obtained it.

The Overrule's numbers under Priceform were as follows over a three year period with an ROI of 13.02% for a total unit profit of 154 points.

This season The Overrule maintained those similar level of returns.

Bets: 129 Stake 331.50 Profit +34.56 ROI 10.43%

In real monetary terms a £100 a point/unit bettor with The Overrule returned a profit of £3456 for the 2013 season with an ROI over 10%.

Over the combined four years of The Overrule's existence the returns are very healthy.

Bets 565 (436 + 129) Stake 1514.00 (1182.5 + 331.5) Profit +188.56 ROI 12.45%

Over the four years a £100 a point/unit bettor has returned a profit of £18,856 with an ROI in excess of 12%.

Now that we've broken down the overall numbers, let's have a closer look inside the numbers for the 2013 season.

Grand Slam performance: Bets 67 Stake 179.50 Profit +23.07 ROI 12.85%

The most profitable four week period of the season was between week 1, Australian Open and week 2.

Bets 30 Stake 64.00 Profit +27.71 ROI 43.29%

The next most profitable four week period of the season was between weeks 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Bets 16 Stake 38.00 Profit +27.20 ROI 71.58%

The least productive four week period of the season was between week 13, Wimbledon and week 14.

Bets 21 Stake 59.00 Loss -25.16 ROI -42.64%

The next least productive four week period of the season was between weeks 19, 20 and the US Open.

Bets 16 Stake 49.00 Loss -2.94 ROI -6.00%

The Overrule was absent between April 8-May 24 and September 2-October 13 this season due to time commitments but the 2014 service will be a full active year.

In terms of match-bets this season (including set betting and handicap betting) the numbers were as follows...

Bets 57 Won 31 Lost 26 Stake 155.00 Profit +31.15 ROI 20.09%

The average price of match-bets was 2.11 (32 of the 57 selections were advised at EVS or above) with a high of 3.25 and a low of 1.40.

Match-bets against Pinnacle (not including set betting in the instances where Pinnacle did not provide a market) opening and closing lines fared as follows...

Opening Pinnacle lines

Bets 46 Won 22 Lost 24 Stake 122.00 Profit +20.85 ROI 17.09%

Closing Pinnacle lines

Bets 46 Won 22 Lost 24 Stake 122.00 Profit +20.97 ROI 17.19%

The 2013 season proved to be very enjoyable and most importantly profitable for readers of The Overrule and I've really enjoyed the interaction between those of you who have got in touch over the season either through e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

In 2014 The Overrule will revert to a limited subscription service starting from the week leading into the Australian Open in mid-January until the season's conclusion in mid-November. The service will be personalized to suit the subscriber's individual needs so that they can best utilise and profit from the advised selections based on the books/exchanges available to them.

Unlike many other services in this industry The Overrule is happy to offer a prorated money back guarantee following a three month period with no questions asked should it suit the subscriber. The cost of the service for the full season is £200 (working out to £20 a month).

Due to the limited subscriptions being offered a priority list will be set-up, so if you're interested in the full working details of the service please e-mail to be added to the priority list, where you will receive the full details before public release.

Before any subscriptions are accepted potential subscribers will need to fill out a short questionnaire aimed at giving The Overrule an understanding of how and if the service would be applicable to them. Ideally subscribers will be those who stake at least £50 a unit/point, with The Overrule continuing its staking policy of a 0.25-5 point staking plan. In 2013 the average units/points staked per selection was 2.57 units/points.

Added benefits of the service will include my personal input and experience of the industry over many years in different facets of the sports betting world from shop floor to trading floor. Although all selections advised will be pre-match there will be plenty of scope for The Overrule to relay knowledge regarding in-play tennis markets and areas to look out for and expose. The aim of the service beyond making a healthy profit for subscribers is to help subscribers become better tennis bettors and to gain further knowledge of the workings of the industry and how and where we can exploit areas of value and weakness.

By the end of the season you will have increased your bank and increased your knowledge of tennis betting, that is what The Overrule aims to provide with the same levels of honesty and transparency with record keeping as in the past.

Once again, to be added to the priority list e-mail

Full details will be sent to the priority list in a couple of weeks, in the meantime if you have any questions or queries feel free to contact by mail (ideally) or via The Overrule's Twitter account.

Between now and the Australian Open The Overrule will continue to provide advice on specials markets for the 2014 season and will provide Weekly Overview's during the season as normal to gauge our progress.

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