Monday, 8 June 2015

French Open Overview

How The Overrule fared during the French Open against multiple outs at the time of advised selections as well as against Pinnacle.

Against multiple outs.

French Open performance - Stake: 27.50 Profit/Loss: +1.33 ROI: 4.84%

Season performance - Stake: 161.50 Profit/Loss: -11.60 ROI: -7.18%

Against Pinnacle.

French Open performance - Stake: 22.00 Profit/Loss: +3.89 ROI: 17.68%

Season performance - Stake: 145.50 Profit/Loss: -8.12 ROI: -5.58%

The Overrule's next tournament will be Wimbledon.

For details on how to join The Overrule for the 2015 season e-mail

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