Tuesday, 4 December 2012

We shouldn't have left you, without a few tips to step to...

The Overrule is back after being in exile since the end of 2010. Over the past year I've received a few offers to go back into professional tipping covering tennis, football & NFL. None of those offers suited me for various reasons.

So here we are, the aim of this blog is to highlight what I think are good bets each week, using a structured staking system which I'll define before the start of the new season.

I'll also look to enlighten on areas within tennis betting that I think represent profitable opportunities. Whether that be on particular markets at certain stages of the season, or on particular players that we might look to side with or oppose at times in specific situations. All of my tips will be pre-match, pre-tournament or once tournaments are underway, but there won't be any in-play tipping. I'll touch on aspects of in-play that I have experienced through my own betting and trading.

For those that know me from the past, I guess you think you know me? For those that don't, here's some background. I placed my first bet when I was 14. 18 years later I've learnt alot about the industry that has enabled me to continually improve my craft. I'm still learning and that process should never stop.

After a few years spent as a freelance sports journalist, I went into the betting industry as a trader for both football and tennis. I love exchanging ideas and opinions on tennis and betting, so any interaction on that score is welcomed and encouraged. Hopefully The Overrule will be of use to all of you in terms of profiting from Tennis in 2013.

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