Saturday, 15 August 2015

Adding Up The Overrule

Since The Overrule's inception in 2008 through syndication here's a breakdown of the numbers and profits subscribers have tasted. The Overrule took a year off in 2012 and returned in 2013 free of syndication to the place we are today tailored to the needs of individual subscribers.

In total from inception up to and including last week's results against multiple outs.

Bets: 862
Stake: 2072.00 points
Profit: +182.21 points
Return on Investment (ROI): 8.79%

Generally a ROI of 5% over a season in tennis is considered a desirable return but The Overrule is returning almost double that across multiple years. A £100 per point bettor (average stake has been 2.40 points or £240) has profited to the tune of £18,221 since The Overrule's inception.

Since 2013 The Overrule has also been tracking and advising selections with Pinnacle users in mind for those bettors who have been restricted at traditional bookmakers for past success. During that time here are the numbers on how The Overrule has fared on match-bets against Pinnacle since the 2013 season up to and including last week's results.

Bets: 306
Stake: 599.00 points
Profit: +12.89 points
ROI: 2.15%

A £100 per point bettor has profited to the tune of £1289 on match-bets alone against Pinnacle using The Overrule's selections since the start of 2013 (average stake has been 1.96 points or £196).

The Overrule's current events are ATP Montreal & WTA Toronto.

To join The Overrule for the 2016 season get in touch at for further information.

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