Monday, 24 August 2015

Cincinnati Overview

How The Overrule fared during ATP/WTA Cincinnati against multiple outs at the time of advised selections as well as against Pinnacle.

Against multiple outs.

Cincinnati performance - Stake: 12.50 Profit/Loss: +9.20 ROI: 73.60%

Season performance - Stake: 231.00 Profit/Loss: -16.80 ROI: -7.27%

Against Pinnacle.

Cincinnati performance - Stake: 14.50 Profit/Loss: +11.16 ROI: 76.97%

Season performance - Stake: 215.50 Profit/Loss: -9.67 ROI: -4.49%

The Overrule's next tournament will be the US Open.

For details on how to join The Overrule for the 2016 season e-mail

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